Thursday, August 19, 2010

Meg Cabot- Insatiable

Insatiable is a new novel released by Meg Cabot. It continues on the vampire-human romance trend which seems to have a reached a high-point with twilight. Honestly, I am fed up of people trying to do all 'supernatural' just because one book became a hit. They all don't have to copy Stephanie Meyer. Even Stephanie Meyer has moved on to sci-fi.

When I heard that Meg Cabot was doing a vampire novel, my reaction was something between shock and disgust. Meg is one of the most entertaining and original writers, why does she also have to copy the twilight trend? The first line of the synopsis was interesting, though- Tired hearing about vampires? So is Meena Harper.

Meena Harper is the protagonist of this novel. She is a modern, chic urban screenwriter behind the suuccess of a Tv soap called insatiable which is something about a mother and daughter. She lives in a nice apartment with her unemployed brother. Her neighbor is a hard-core socialite whose husband does real estate business. Her neighbor also annoys her with constant atttempts at match-making. She has a friend Leisha who is a hair-dresser. But everything about Meena is not ordinary- she can see when people will die as soon as she meets them. When she tries to warn then, they think she is nuts. But her predictions almost always come true.

The first chapter described her life. The second chapter shifts the scene to Romania where we meet professer Lucien Antonescu who is the prince of darkness (king of all vampires, son of Dracula). He is rich and spending time teaching European history to students in college. Girls have a crush on him due to his being so handsome (I wonder why everyone thinks vampires are handsome. Seriously, if a vampire came and stood before a human, anyone would think that such a person is a corpse). However, his peaceful life is disrupted by a call which says that some vampires have been killing human girls. Since it is his duty to protect the secret of vampires, he rushes to Manhattan to find the culprit. There he meets Meena Harper in a party and a one-night-affair becomes love. This is so unrealistic. It is impossible for someone to fall in love within a day (or night). Yet, it happens so frequently in romance novels.

You can read the rest of the story yourself. My analysis was that the story had potential. Meg's writing style is great. If she had written twilight, I can guarentee that it would have been better. Stephanie Meyer's style is too dry for a genre like romance.

Anyhow, Insatiable starts off the tension very well and maintains the tension very well too. Towards the end, however, the story starts to deteriorate. Suddenly, without any coherent reason, Meena decides that she doesn't love Lucien, a vampire-killing organisation appears and a vampire war ensues in which Lucein turns into a dragon! (This one was completely confusing).

The ending was terrible. Meg Cabot usually has happy endings but this one was too vague for me to understand. Meena suddenly tells Lucien that she doesn't love him anymore. Also, Lucien's character is inconsistent throughout the story- he is mysterious in the beginning, he becomes overly sentimental in the middle, starts getting violent after that and in the end, he just looks like a weak loser. Meena is also very inconsistent.

If you don't like ending which are too vague to be understood, please don't torture yourself by reading Insatiable. However, I would like you to read this book and decipher the ending for me. It is not such a bad read overall, just something unexpected from Meg Cabot.

Writing Style-4.5

Starts off well
Unique writing style

Inconsistent characters
Undecipherable ending
Characters take decisions without any rationality in the end
Another vampire romance (when will it stop?)

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