Thursday, August 19, 2010

J-pop review- Ai Otsuka Freinger

"Frienger" is Otsuka Ai's eleventh single. The main track was used as the CM song to the "au" mobile service Toshiba MUSIC-HDD W41T, as well as being the theme song to the TV show "SPORTS Uruguzu". "Amai Kimochi Maru Kajiri" was used as the CM song. The title is a Portmanteau between the English words 'Friend' and 'Ranger', making 'Frienger'. The single was released in two versions: a CD+DVD version and a CD only version, both featuring obi in five different colours. As this single sold 173,115 copies in 2006, it was the #60 single of the year. The single reached #2 position and charted for 19 weeks. It sold a total of 173,115 copies in 2006, becoming the #60 single of 2006.

The song is certified Triple Platinum for the downloading of 750.000 units, and Platinum for the shipment of 250,000 singles.

1.Frienger- It is a happy cheerful song, what Ai Otsuka does best. There are sirens and people shouting "FIGHT" in teh background which adds a little uniqueness. After listening too it a few times, I couldn't stop loving this song. The lyrics are also ver optimistic and talk about how Ai will always be by her friend in times of trouble. It includes some vague references to russian roulette and choco pie.

2. Amai kimochi maru kajiri- I simply can't like this song. It is an extremely generic midtempo track with no soul.

Overall, not a bad single.

Unique and strong lead track

B-side is too generic with nothing special about it

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