Sunday, August 22, 2010

Biggest bargains

Starting from the next post, we'll add the best bargains for each item we review. It is necessary to support singers, actors, mangaka and authors by buying their work. However, we are sometimes reluctant to buy because of the high price.

Below are some general sites where you'll find the best bargains for the items that have already been reviewed.

Dramas/ Movies/ Anime-
This is by far the best site for buying subbed dramas and movies. The shipping (flat table rate) is really efficient and delivers the package withing four days. This site is especially good for buying dramas in bulk. The shipping rate decreases with every mark (eg.- $100, $200 etc.). This is also a good site for buying subbed anime. Anime are cheap as well and are delievered on time. Check out the quality of subtitles mentioned below each item. However, soemtimes these quality measures are inaccurate. I bought many dramas from here and all had good subs but Gokusen 2 had terrible subs that were beyond my comprehension. The grammar was messed up and so were the names. But I haven't found any drama site as good as this one mainly because of the efficient delivery.
Most japanese dramas don't have subs and therefore I recommend this site only to the people who understand japanese.
This has bigger bargains than but I haven't ordered from this site yet so order at your own risk. They sell subtitled japanese dramas, movies and some anime.
Another site I haven't ordered from. Seems to be popular among americans. It sells manga as well but shipping rates are a bit high.
The international ebay sells everything and is a good site to buy drama, anime, music and manga. It has the biggest bragains among all the shopping sites on the internet. I haven;t ordered from here, again so I cannot comment on the quality of service.


Though this site is famous for japanese music CDs, I find manga prices more affordable. It ships worldwide and sells everything at the japanese price. Mangas therefore cost 500 yen or around $5 per volume which is half of the normal price $10. However, it only sells manga in japanese and I recommend this site for people who can read japanese. It sells boxed sets at a cheap price.
This site mostly ships to America and is therefore recommended only for Americans. This is a sub site of which sells used books. If you don't mind the quality, you can buy cheap manga ($0.6 lowest) from here. The site asks for additional shipping charges.
This site ships only to India and sells manga at sale. It sells various other fiction books at a very low price. Quality of service is good and shipping is free.
Another site for US and Canada buyers. It sells cheap manga and anime. These two sitrs have lots of sister sites.
Mostly tokyopop titles (Fruits Basket). Only ships to America. Very limited range.
Amazon is especially good for buying cheap omnibus editions and boxed sets. Buying one volume is not worth it. The quality of service is poor for those not living in America and shipping rates are a bit high.
Best bargains can be found here. I have not bought anything from here and hence cannot comment on quality of service.

Sells games and music CDs. Free Shipping.
High quality service and high efficiency. Once my shipment got lost but they re shipped it. The Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong versions of Cds are cheap. Free shipping on orders above I think, $60 or $80. Arrives in 14 days. A very good site to buy music from.
A great site for anime DVDs, cosplay and music CDS- anime as well as jpop for ony $7.99. Though it has a wide range of anime, it is better for music Cds since they're sold at a big bargain.
Again, a site with best music bargains.

Other sites that sell cheap books are

I hope this helps you out.

Have fun shopping!

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