Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Linda Goodman- Star Signs

So, I am reviewing another book by Linda Goodman who now, has become one of my favourite authors. I skipped 'Relationship Signs' because there's not much to review in that book. It is full of charts and you can skip buying that if you calculate your natal chart online. However, it teaches to create a natal chart which maybe valuable information for astrologers.

This book is the last book on astrology from Linda Goodman and ends her memorable astrology saga. Unlike the previous books, this has high metaphysical content. This book will be difficult to understand unless you have read her previous books- Sun Signs, Love Sings and Relationship signs. This is not like Twilight where you can start from the last or second last book and understand everything. The only difference is that reading the initial books of Twilight is torture wheras reading Linda Goodman's book is a pleasure.

This book has ample content and teaches too many new things. It teaches numerology, lexigrams and career choices for various zodiac signs. But that's about all the practical and recognisable information contained in this book. It mostly ponders secret codes of the universe and deeper issues like aura, deja vu and clairaudience and clairvoyance. For sensible people and non believers, the journey ends here. You might want to study the career options and numerology part. The other parts are not necessary for becoming a professional astrologer.
But for people who are looking for deep answers, meaning of life, karma, physical immortality, health and other metaphysical issues and secrets, the journey has only begun. I personally love all this. It helped me find answers I was looking for. However, all this knowledge is not necessary for an astrologer and is only presented for general interest.

Rating- 4.9/5 (For that unbearably tiny print)

Numerology is well taught and Linda Goodman is vivid and clear as usual. All the numerological information is second hand information collected by Cheiro. You will still want to read this book just for the introduction. I bought another specialised numerology book after this one to complete my knowledge of numerology.
Lexigrams is another thing that astrologers may not need to know. English was the magical language spoken in the holy garden of Eden and therefore it is believed that english words contain hidden meanings. When Linda Goodman gives you striking examples of this, it really appeals. People researching christianity may find it especially interesting.
The career guide was not particularly useful for me. It only tells of the 'kind' of career that suits you and no specific careers but I guess that's the job of a career counsellor and not an astrologer.
The next chapter talks of the benefits of vegetarianism and other ways of being healthy. It is not a scientific essay on vegetarianism, just gives a brief paragraph or two from the metaphysical point of view.

Another prominent chapter (the last one) talks about physical immortality and how thinking influences being. This one is interesting though not very relevant.
Linda Goodman, as usual ends our unforgettable astrological journey by quoting a wondeful line from KABC-

We bring you the world as it is,
Imagine what it could be

Thus, we come to an end of the wonderful Linda Goodman's saga. In case you didn't know, she used numerology while naming her books. It might help you too. Unlike Cheiro, she is optimistic and I would advice her book on Sun Signs over his. However, his other books such as palmistry and numerology are more accurate. Linda Goodman is called
'Diva of Astrology' since her books were the first astrological books that made it to the New York Bestseller lists. She has written another book of astrological poems titled 'Gooberz'. I have been looking high and low for it but have been unable to find it. It does not give any information from what I read, just a collection of poems.

When you finally finish these four wonderful books, you'll be enlightened. You'll wonder what your neighbour's sun sign is and start discussing astrology in no time. Everything will shine with a new meaning. You'll want to know the deeper meaning behind everything and want to ponder the endless possibilities that lie undiscovered, enveloped in mystery and taboo. You'll find some secret messages here and there and some interesting lexigrams. Most of all, you'll find the answer to your biggest question and decode the biggest secret- yourself.

I found this book particularly enlightening and better than the previous ones (excluding 'Sun Signs'). Good news is that this one had better page quality. Bad News is that the print was still the same. It is necessary if you are interested in things of this kind. Probably after reading all four books, you'll consider becoming an astrologer. The knowledge contained in this book is enough for an amateur astrologer even for an mediocre one but you'll have to do a little more to become a professional.

So, we come back to the quote we started with-
'Seek the truth and it shall set you free'


Easy to understand
Valuable/rare information
Great cover design
Better quality paper than the previous ones


Tiny print