Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Time Traveller's Decision by Kelvin O Ralph

Today, I want to tell everyone about a new book- The Time Traveller's Decision by Kelvin O Ralph. I had originally intended to review this book, but couldn't find time, so I hope that any one of you who decides to read it reviews it on your blog/goodreads page etc.

Why follow the heart, when it leads you to a dead end?

Lucas Taylor is an undergraduate at the University of Wolverhampton, UK.
Although, he's studying Computer Science, he has a profound passion for writing and reading, and hopes to beome an author one day. On his eighteenth birthday, Lucas is given a priceless gift - the ability to time travel. However, his journeys to the future interferes with his social life, causing him to misinterpret their meanings.

While aspiring to become an author, Lucas has an unknown emotional feeling towards his ex-schoolmate, Carla Benton. He believes he's in love, even though he hardly sees her.

While aspiring to be an author, he meets Trisha Harris Bartlett, and his life takes a U turn.


“For a short story, it flowed really well, and I felt the characters come alive. The romance got hotter as it went along. I enjoyed it.” - Freda's Voice

2. "Your words flow beautifully. I really do feel like I can feel what Lucas is going through. You did a nice job" - Ariwriter [inkpop]

3. "I think it flowed nicely, especially since you've got quite a unique writing style where you've got a simple, yet good structure to the story." M.D Karmel [inkpop]

Where to find it:
Smashwords - Amazon Kindle - Undergoing Publishing Process
Freado -

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