Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Author Interview- James Steele

So many interviews coming! Here is another one. I am interviewing James Steele, who is also published by the New Bizzaro Author series. James Steele is a writer in Ohio. He is often asked to sum up his
life’s story in a single paragraph. James is very depressed by how
easy this is.

He has been published in the Magazine of Bizarro Fiction (issue 3),
Anthrozine (issue 18), Different Worlds Different Skins v.2, Roar v.3,
and Planet Magazine. His bizarre action/comedy novel, “Felix and the
Sacred Thor,” is published through Eraserhead Press.

His blog is http://daydreamingintext.blogspot.com/


Favorite color- no preference; I am racially neutral
Favorite author- none yet
Favorite book/books- 1984, for the best world building I've ever read
Zodiac sign- Cancer
Place of your dreams- places without snow
Your motto- Don't wanna miss anything by not trying.

The serious questions

1. Is the life of a writer as you imagined it to be?

Ans. So far it's no different than I expected, except now that I have
something published I'm thinking about sales more and writing less.
Occupational hazard I suppose. It's still like I've had two jobs for
some ten years now. One for which I am paid, but do little that's
productive or beneficial to society. The other for which I am not
paid (very much), and am productively contributing to society every
time I do it! The twisted logic of this paradox is a constant source
of inspiration.

2. What genre do you write and why?

Ans. I write in any genre that allows me to build a unique, alternate
world. That's what interests me the most.

3. What inspires you the most?

Ans. The real world. The longer I live in it, the more I ask "is this it?"
So i write about things that have as little to do with reality as
possible. There's a name for that; I just know it.

4. What kind of characters/settings do you like?

Ans. I prefer to build new worlds instead of telling stories in the real
one. I also prefer characters who are as far from human as possible.
For me, these are the two most interesting elements in reading and
writing because they push you to see things from a perspective that is
unlike anything you're used to. You can't take anything for granted.
You must enter the world on its terms, understand the characters on
their terms, not yours.

5. As a reader, would you prefer to read comedy, romance or
sci-fi/fantasy? (The one which is the closest to your interests)

Ans. I prefer sci-fi and fantasy, but if either can incorporate comedy or
romance, that's ok, too. Really, anything can work if done correctly.

6. Have you ever suffered the dreaded writer's block? How do you deal with it?

Ans. I'm often faced with a problem that overwhelms me, but it's always
something I can solve by taking a day or two off and giving it some
thought. Is that writer's block? I don't call it that because
there's always a solution.

7. What message would you like to give you fans?

Ans. Is anybody out there?

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