Thursday, February 10, 2011

Author Interview- Mo Stegall

Hello, everyone. After a short break, here is another interview. This time I am interview author Mo Stegall. Clients call him "The Treasure Hunter" because of his ability to empower people to discover their inner jewels and gems. He is author of the best selling empowerment book Against All Odds I Can Be: 10 Steps To Revolutionize Your Destiny. He is considered one of the nation's leading authorities on empowerment and is sincerely committed to e ncouraging and equipping audiences to revolutionize their destiny. His deepest passion and desire is personal growth and development and to sanction others to achieve greatness. He has appeared in and on UPN, NBC, CBS, WTVI, BET, Radio Disney, Upscale Magazine, Jet, Entertainment Weekly, Atlanta Journal Constitution, The Atlanta Voice, CW Network, The Mother Love Show, LA Talk Radio, Mike Dresser Show and Rolling Out Magazine. He is a popular conference speaker, event emcee and college lecturer.

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His latest book is out now.
Against All Odds I Can Be is the empowering best-selling book by Mo Stegall. Against All Odds I Can Be was voted #1 Hot New Release by Amazon and named One of the Most Inspiring and Powerful Books released last year by Celebrity Magazine.

But Against All Odds I Can Be is more than a book: it's truly a guide to both changing and getting the most out of your life. In these uncertain times of economic disparity, emotional discomfort and despondency, the need for motivation and empowerment is paramount. Almost everywhere you turn, in every walk of life and in every community, people are feeling immovable, or overwhelmed and are in search of possibility and direction.

Stegall shows individuals the importance of self-discovery, how to maneuver through adverse situations, and gives practical steps to achieving life goals. It offers proportional doses of Vitamin E, which stands for EMPOWERMENT.


Favorite color- Blue
Favorite author- TD Jakes
Favorite book- 8 Steps to Create the Life You Want by Dr. Creflo Dollar
Zodiac sign- Leo
Your motto- "Doing Nothing Changes Absolutely Nothing...But Doing Something Changes Everything"-Mo Stegall
City of your dreams- Paris, France

Now the real questions-

1. Is the life of a writer what you imagined it to be?

Ans. I never imagine being a writer and so I would have to say that it is an amazing journey.

2. What genre do you write and why?

Ans. Self-Help/Motivation/Empowerment I am what they call a TREASURE HUNTER and sincerely enjoy helping others discover their hidden jewels and gems.

3. Out of comedy, romance and sci-fi/fantasy, which genre are you most likely to read?


4. Have you ever suffered from the dreaded writer's block? How did you deal with it?

Ans. Yes and I learned that I could get more done doing nothing sometime than doing something all the time....writers block to me is my mind saying it needs a break

6. What kind of characters/settings do you like the most?

Ans. Those with a story a real life story.

7. What message would you like to give your fans?

Ans. In life we often won't get what we deserve yet we will get what we are prepared for....we must go after the things we want and desire or we may spend the rest of our lives settling for what we can get....Against All Odds I Can Be Victorious and So Can You!

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