Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It's your Biz book review by Susan Solovic

It's Your Biz is a book by Susan Solovic aimed at guiding start-up small business owners through the process of creating and managing a business. Now it is one of the numerous books available for startups. So why should you buy it?

For starters, I didn't like the chapter on qualities an entrepreneur. there is no such thing as entrepreneurial personality. Everyone can fit into some kind of business and all business don't involve equal amounts of risk-taking, aggression or persuasiveness/public speaking.

The author does a very good job of thoroughly explaining the legal aspects of starting a business which should be a valuable thing for those starting a new business. Contracts are also touched upon.

The section on partners had a partner qualities matching table where you can decide on which qualities for a business you have and then look for a partner with complementary strengths. I wanted to post a picture of that table but I have not received permission as yet from AMACOM press.

On the whole the book was much easier to read that many other startup business books. It wasn't filled with cliched motivational fluff that leaves you wondering what you should actually do but rather had concrete technical knowledge presented in a systematic way.

It is best for small businesses but big businesses can also benefit from it as all big businesses were once small.

Ratings (out of 5)


Focuses on problems faced by small businesses
Contains accurate and relevant technical data and practical steps to take

A lot of sections seemed like introductions/incomplete. I couldn't gather what I was supposed to do about that particular area after reading it.
Pages in the beginning wasted on qualities of an entrepreneur
Not too many examples

NOTE- I received a review copy from the publisher


  1. This book is an excellent resource for those you are planning to start a small business. You will learn some great tips from this book.