Saturday, March 19, 2011

Relaxing jpop songs

So, I decided to another random article on relaxing jpop songs. Here are some songs that calm my nerves when I need to calm down. Please do not hesitate to post your favourites in the comments.

Maaya Sakamoto- Universe

Maaya Sakamoto's songs can easily be classified as easy listening. Everywhere, kazemachi jet, universe, no fear aisuru koto, platinum.....the list goes on and on. Her voice is soothing and her songs contain strings that give an etheral atmosphere. If you're looking for easy listening songs, Maaya Sakamoto should definitely be on your list.
Universe starts of slowly and picks up with an orchestra in the chorus. The emotions of lonliness, searching and sleep can easily be associated with the song. One of the truly wonderful relaxing songs.


Miki Imai- Pride

Miki Imai is another singer who sings easy listening. Her songs Piece of my wish, ruby, goodbye yesterday, haru no hi, miss you should definitely be tried too. Pride is one of her best selling singles. There is a choir singing in the beginning. Miki Imai takes it from there. The songs doesn't have a prominent chorus but can be enjoyed anyways.


Yui Makino- Tsuki no shijima

Yui Makino has a typical childish, anime singer voice. Many of her songs feature in animes. Tsuki no shijima really stands out in her discography despite the weak chorus because of the calming effect and arrangement. Her other songs like amrita, jasmine, euphoria, undine etc. are also relaxing.


Kanon- Wings to fly ~Tsubasa wo kudasai~

Kanon is one of the rare classical crossover singers in the jpop scene. She is best known for singing Brand new breeze for the la corda anime which I reviewed earlier. Her voice is very uplifting and emotional. She is a soprano so her voice sounds a bit like Sarah Brightman, Hayley Westenra and other classical singers. Wings to fly is a cover of Akai Tori's tusbasa wo kudasai. Kanon has done a wonderful job here.


Sia- Hoshi wo kazoeru yori mo

All those Bokura ga Ita fans might recognize this song. Hoshi wo kazoeru yori mo starts with a touching piano prelude. Sia's airy voice remains same throughout the song. I didn't like Sia's voice very much but the song is great.


Mai Kuraki- I Sing a song for you

Mai Kuraki's ballads like Ashita e kakeru hashi, kaze no la la la, like a star in the night, can't forget your love etc. are relaxing too but I Sing a song for you stands out among them. It is a typical ballad with piano in the background and Mai vocals.


To cut the article short, I have reviewed only one song by each artist. The other songs I have mentioned (by the same artist) are wonderful too and worth a try. Many anime songs fit under relaxing because anime singers usually don't have very powerful voices which reduce the song's water like qualities. Mebae drive, Rythem's songs, Chihiro Onistuka's songs, Akanishi Jin's eternal, Mizu no Akashi, Fields of hope, Shonen Jidai, Yumi Matsutoya's songs etc. fit in the category too. Feel free to suggest any relaxing songs you like.