Saturday, January 8, 2011

Jpop Review- Wedding Songs

I decided to another random jpop songs review. This time it'll be wedding songs.

Can you celebrate?
A multi-million selling hit wedding song by jpop queen Namie Amuro is a gospel wedding ballad. Namie Amuro's vocals do not shine but carry off the song pretty well. It is composed by Tetsuya Komuro and like most of his ballads features backing vocals and has a gospel and R&B feel to it. It is a pleasant song and can be heard many times. What doesn't make sense to me is the lyrics. Sometimes lyrics of TK songs are bizarre. It was the theme to the hit drama Virgin Road.

Wedding Bell
This is a song by the famous jpop kawaii duo Puffy. It starts with gospel style back vocals and progresses to a kawaii pop tune. Puffy sings it well. The song is quite unique for a wedding song. A variety of unique instruments back the song. Puffy sand a duet with SMAP. I heard that version and fell in love with the song.

Sung by Misia, Everything was the theme to Yamato Nadeshiko which I reviewed earlier. It has the wintry, wedding song feel although it technically cannot be called a wedding song. It sold over million copies and with reason. Misia belts her heart out in this powerful ballad. From the very first word, the listener knows this song is something special. It is the second highest selling single by a female singer the first being Can You Celebrate?

Say Yes

Say Yes by jpop duo Chage and Aska seems to be the most popular wedding song in Japan (it is the highest selling). It was the theme song of the drama 101st marriage proposal which was a romantic drama with an incredibly high viewership. Say Yes is the song that gave the drama its special touch. Say Yes is one of the best jpop songs ever recorded and one of the best selling too. It is definitely Chage and Aska at their best. It sounds like a wedding song with bells and chimes. The melody is strong and the vocals are good. Defintely one of the best wedding songs in the world.

Love Love Love
Sung by DCT, it remains one of the most popular wedding songs. It starts peacefully with interesting instruments and carries on peacefully until it reaches its climax near the end with back vocals at their loudest and Miwa belting. It is quite a pleasant song which was the theme to Aishiteru to itte kure. DCT did a duet with BOA on Bokura no Ongaku. It has a wintry feel. The lyrics are simple but meaningful.

Kimi wo Sagashiteta ~The Wedding Song~
Keeping to Chemistry's style, Kimi wo Sagashiteta is a gospel wedding ballad accompanied by Chemistry's masculine vocals. The song keeps rising in power and volume as it proceeds. Back vocals are prominent in the song. It is a classic but enjoyable wedding song.
Note- The video embeded is not the official MV.

One Love
It became a hit single for Arashi. It was featured in HYD - The movie. One Love is an uptempo wedding song that is special because it holds meaning in the context of HYD. Instruments used in One Love are unique and the theme and PV are nice. The only thing that is not perfect in this song is Arashi's vocals which seems shallow at times.
Note- Video is not the official MV.


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