Thursday, January 27, 2011

Book review- Fess Up, Jessup by KP Wee

Fess Up, Jessup and other stories is a an ebook by KP Wee. It consists of three short stories- Fess Up, Jessup, Mission at the J and Catching Eva.

The first one describes the romantic relationship between English teacher Jessup and his twenty one-year old Korean student Hye Yeong. Jessup is not your idealistic romance novel hero, but a cunning and realistic man. The ending was very surprising and unexpected. Jessup is kicked out of the public school system because he gets a tenth grade girl pregnant.

The love between Jessup and Hye Yeong is very shallow and superficial but this is integral to the plot. He has his eyes on her family's hotel and money while she is fascinated by him, being so young. Many other characters come into the story. This one was more of a thriller with a great surprise element. It deceived me into believing that it was romance story. It suddenly changed colors in the final pages. This is a very different kind of story, one that you should give a try.

Catching Eva is the shortest and most interesting story in this book. It is also a thriller with romance elements, but it has significantly more thriller elements than Fess Up, Jess Up. It is about misunderstandings that kill people and the love of a call centre supervisor with a girl named Eva. Like the other stories, it manages to catch the reader by surprise the reader at the end.

Mission at the J was a reasonably good story, but I felt not as good as the other two.

Overall, Fess Up Jessup, is for those of you who enjoy thrillers. All of these stories start out as romances, but they are not typically romances. If you like unexpcted endings, hidden plots and surprises, Fess Up, Jess Up and other stories is a great book to read.

On thing about this book that I felt was a bit negative was its name. Fess Up, Jess Up hardly sounds like the title of a thriller novel. Catching Eva and other stories would have been a much, much better title. It sounds more intriguing.

Also, the cover art could have been better. The pencils and pencil holder don't really relate to the book so well. More aesthetics could have been used. The use of an interplay of red and black would have been especially good, since it is a thriller novel.

But the content of the book is very good and something that is very unique and one would not come across so often.

Ratings (out of 5)

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