Friday, March 18, 2011

Character interview of Sed Lionheart from Rock Hard

I am really excited today because I am doing the first character interview of Review Carnival. And my guest today is none other than.....Sedric Lionheart who is the lead singer of the uber-cool rock band 'Sinners' in Olivia Cunning's new erotic romance series Sinner on Tour.

To find out more about Olivia and the Sinners (there is a book for each band member) visit The first book featuring guitarist Bryan is already available in bookstores and Rock Hard featuring Sed will go on sale in April 2011.

So here's Sed

Allow me to introduce Sedric “Sed” Lionheart, the lead singer of the sensational rock band, Sinners.
Thanks for having me. Is this a book blog?

Yes, but it’s also about music and other things.
Oh. I was wondering why you invited me here. I don’t read much, but music is my life.

You are the lead character in a book. Rock Hard by Olivia Cunning.
I haven’t read it.

Here's the band together- group photo!

Do you mind if I ask you some questions?
That’s what I’m here for.

Favorite band- I don’t have a favorite band. We’re opening for Exodus End in Las Vegas soon. They’re awesome.
Favorite music genre- Hard rock and metal
First love- Music. Or did you mean a girl?
Zodiac- Leo
Favorite place- On stage
Qualities admired in a woman- smart, sexy, caring, and I love a woman with a temper
Biggest secret- I have dimples (I hate them)
Your motto- Anything for a fan.

What made you decide you wanted to be a singer?
I wasn’t good at anything else. Honestly, it’s my only talent. I didn’t even know that’s what I wanted to do until I used a fake ID to get into some crappy little bar in Los Angeles. On stage, was some unknown band called Crysys made up of a bunch of punk teenagers, like myself. They were amazing. I’d never heard a more sensual sound. Sometimes you just know that you were meant to do something. You feel it in your gut. I knew instantly that these guys were going somewhere and I had to be a part of it.
Unfortunately, they already had a singer and I don’t play an instrument. A little violin, but nothing that would get me into a band with that kind of raw talent. I’m still not sure how I convinced Eric to give up singing to become Sinners’ drummer. I tend to be a little pushy, I suppose.
So we rearranged the band a little. They hadn’t found a permanent drummer, so the guy helping them out—he was in a different band—stepped aside. Eric Sticks, who had been their singer and bassist, became the drummer. Since you can’t drum and play bass at the same time, Eric got a friend of his, Jon Mallory, to join as our new bassists. The guitarists Brian Sinclair and Trey Mills stayed on. They’re the heart of the group. We had to keep them together. And I sang. We changed the name of the band to Sinners and became an instant failure. We didn’t let that stop us. I believed in the group. They believed in the group. We never let ourselves quit or lose our vision, even when it looked like we’d never catch a break. When we finally hit it big, we didn’t stop and rest on our laurels, we kept pushing, growing, evolving.
Sorry, I think I lost sight of the question there. You can probably tell I’m passionate about this band, our music.

So how long has Sinners been together?
Ten years now. We starved for the first eight.

I thought Jace Seymour was your bassist. Who is Jon Mallory?
Jace has been with the band for two years. Jon Mallory was forced to quit for personal reasons.

Which would be?

Okay. Touchy subject. What is your favorite song to sing and why?
My favorite song to perform live is Twisted. It really pumps up the crowd. I love the crowd. I also like Goodbye Is Not Forever. That’s our ballad. More singing, less screaming. Did I mention Sinners is a metal band?

Do you have any pre-show rituals?
I chew red licorice. It keeps my throat and cords pliable. I do a lot of screaming during a live show. If I’m not careful, I could damage my throat.

When you aren't touring, what do you like to do in your free time?
Workout. Write music. Swim in the ocean. Shoot pool. Watch a game and have a beer with my buds. Play beach volleyball. Sex—that’s my favorite pastime.

What's your favorite position?
That’s a tough one. There are so many great positions. Quarterback. Running back. Linebacker. I can’t choose just one. Or were you talking about some other type of position?

Never mind. Are you close to your other band mates?
They’re my best friends. I’d die for any one of them. Even Eric. Because we tour so much, we practically live on top of each other ten months out of the year. If we didn’t get along well, we’d end up killing each other.

How do you keep in such great physical condition while on tour?
It isn’t nutrition. We don’t eat healthy when we’re on tour. I do have a weight set in the equipment truck. I work out with free weights at least an hour a day. I also do a lot of sit-ups, pull-ups, push-ups on the bus. Wanna feel my abs? They’re rock hard.

Is that why this book you’re in is called Rock Hard?
What do you think?

What singers do you look up to?
Axl Rose, Freddie Mercury, Maximilian Richardson, and Luciano Pavarotti

What do you do with the bras women throw at you on stage?
The roadies have made a giant slingshot out of them. We use it to fling pies at cars when we get bored on the tour bus.
*lol* No, not really. The roadies collect them after the shows. I don’t know what they do with them. Sorry, ladies. We don’t sleep with them under our pillows or anything. The roadies might.

Over the past couple of years, you’ve gotten the reputation of being quite a playboy. It’s said you go through women like most men go through socks. Any chance that you’ll settle down?
Yeah, sure. If I found the right woman. I thought I found her once, but she left me to go to law school. I must have been wrong about her.

So what’s next for Sinners?
We’ve started working on our next album. Amazing stuff on this one. It should be out later this year. We’re still touring and promoting our last album, Shattered, so if we stop in your town, you should come out and see our show. I guarantee you’ll have a great time.

Thank you, Sed, for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk to us.
Anything for a fan.

Isn't he sweet? I'm so glad I got the opportunity to interview him. Want to find out more about this upcoming superstar? Go to and read excerpts, short stories and participate in fun contests.


  1. Thans for the nice interview Sed, we get to see your sweet side for once. Why do you hate your dimples?

  2. Sed, if you could have a super power what would it be?

  3. You ask tough questions, VA. I guess I'd want to see the future so I could prevent bad things from happening to those I care about.

  4. So what about the woman who got away? Law school? Do tell!

  5. How old were you when you got your first tattoo?
    Does it have any special meaning or did you just get it because it looks good?

  6. SED!!! W00t!! OK, I'll stop acting like a fan girl. And you can get your own beer (wink, wink!) And I'm still curious about that "rock hard" question. Do tell!

  7. Other Lisa- She only wanted me for my money and my body. When she found out I didn't have money, she split. She'll make a great lawyer.

    Sylvia- 17. I was the only one in Sinners without one at the time. So I the black tribal tat on my left upper arm and shoulder. My mother had a fit when she saw it. I lied about my age and did not have her permission. Ah, good times. My mother has one hell of a temper. Love that woman.

    Kat- If you don't want to get me a beer, I'm sure someone else will jump at the opportunity. Want to reconsider? There's plenty about me that's rock hard.

  8. Hey now Sed, not all lawyers are all bad!
    If you want I can show you how...ehm...sweet some of us can be.
    Or maybe I should show you that sometimes bad is oh so good...

  9. Feel free to alter my perceptions, babe.

  10. Sed, I've been a Sinner's fan since your lean years and no one's more thrilled than me to see you guys rise to the top. Woot!

    Now, about those dimples. First, they aren't very secretive (sexy, yes; secretive, no), and I think you held out on us. i bet you have a secret deeper than your dimples. Care to share?

  11. I have plenty of secrets, Jill Lynn, but they'll get me into trouble if I reveal them. I might whisper a few in your ear, if you're in the neighborhood.

  12. Oh, Sed, Sed, Sed...I loved learning more about you, especially after "Backstage Pass." I must admit, I wasn't too happy with you and what you did to Brian in the car with Myrna. But you did win me over and now I am a loyal fan of you and the band. My question is this-why, oh why, did you sleep with Brian's ex? Especially when you say they are your best friends?
    And as far as your dimples? Douche? Seriously? They are charming, sexy, and down right lickable.I would be more than willing to demonstrate :)

  13. Not a single one of those women were right for Brian, otherwise they a) wouldn't have come on to me, or b) would have said no. He'll thank me one day for saving him from marrying the wrong woman. Plus, he's fun to mess with. He gets all bent out of shape over nothing.

    And I knew I should have kept my dimples a secret.

  14. Sexy, Rock Hard Sed...I really want to know what your favorite sexual position is and how many people does it involve and where would you be? Your conquests are legendary. You're so sexy as hell when you scream in concert. Protect those pipes, baby. I really want to see the Sinners in concert!

  15. My favorite sexual position, huh? Fine, I'll bite. Where do you want it?

    In all honesty, it depends on the woman (women). Certain women can make missionary amazing. You stare into their eyes and watch the pleasure register on their face. There's a connection. You feel it more than physically, you feel it somewhere, like... I don't know what I'm saying. Ignore that. Other women... You need five of them and a witness to feel anything and then it's just going through the motions. It's great when you're in the middle of it, but afterwards... I don't even want to look at them.

    I guess I shouldn't have had that fifth beer. I need to go write some lyrics down now.