Friday, July 6, 2012

Jpop Album Review- Yui- I Loved Yesterday

Here I am, reviewing one of Yui's albums again.

Laugh Away- Yui begins things on a cheerful note with the summery laugh away. Laugh away is the best album track Yui has produced in quite a while and the best on the album. The fast paced chorus and acoustic feel make this song unique along with Yui's vocals.

My Generation- My generation has a rebellious, teenage feel. Electic guitars and drums join in the pre chorus, giving this song a rock feel. Yui's vocals are strong here and the fast pre-chorus works well.

Find me- Find me is a complete filler track. It has the normal acoustic chorus and verse. Nothing that we've not heard from Yui.

No way- More intresting than Find me. It has a rock instrumental led by electric guitars. A nice bridge to namidairo.

Namidairo- One of the rare ballads on this album. It shines well. There is a feeling of sadness presented in the song by Yui's soft and airy vocals. The arrangement is plain acoustic guitar and some drums join in during the chorus. A very good track that shines among the other similar sounding tracks.

Daydreamer- There's nothing special about this track except the 'daydreamer' Yui sings at the end of the chorus. That's enough to make it catchy though. Again, a rockish guitar led track that begins with heavy jamming and moves into a high chorus.

Love is all- An interesting instrumental intro. This is one of the better album tracks especially because of the arrangement. The chorus stands out. Acoustic guitars are joined by electric ones in the chorus. Love is all has a better tone and vibe to it that is somewhat nostalgic.

I will love you- Not a great album track that presents something special. 'I will love you' at the end of the chorus is the high point. But that is not as catchy as daydreamer. Quite a normal acoustic track.

We will go- A rock track. Starts off quite well but doesn't shine very much. Sounds like every other track on Can't buy my love and on I loved yesterday.

Oh yeah- Pretty much like the previous one but more cheerful. Again, a disappointment.

My friend- I haven't listened to this much so no rating. But it is quite cheerful and interesting though not very different from the previous tracks. The piano in the beginning provides some relief from the monotony.

Love and truth- Another saver track in this album. Love and truth has an orchestral arrangement that is something new for Yui. Her vocals stand out in the track, giving it a nice atmosphere. One of the good tracks on this album.

Am I wrong? Things go back to acoustic town with this track. A light track that closes off the album well. Yui's vocals are relaxed and take the foreground in Am I wrong?

Overall, though I hate to say it, I found it better than Can't buy my love. The album tracks can be quite boring and monotonous but the album had more variety than Can't buy my love and better single tracks. Laugh away was a good song from her and Yui has experimented some unique things in this album like Love and truth. Yui has a very unique voice that I found shines better in her mellower songs like Tomorrow's way, love and truth and goodbye days.

Overall rating- 4/5


Some unique tracks and experimentation from Yui
Solid single tracks


Monotonous and similar sounding album tracks (except laugh away)
Boring arrangements in album tracks

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