Thursday, June 28, 2012

Jpop Review- Blood+ Complete Best

I decided to try out Blood+ Complete Best because I liked a lot of songs from the anime. It contains all the opening and ending themes from the anime, the theme and Diva. Here's a breakdown:

Blood OP Single - Takahashi Hitomi - Aozora no Namida : 01 - Aozora no Namida .mp3
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1) Aozora no Namida- My favourite opening from the anime. This song was a bit hit for Hitomi Takahashi. It is a j-rock song with a strong chorus and jamming electric guitars. Hitomi's sweet but powerful vocals complement the song well. The most memorable song from the anime.

2) Katarisugu Koto- I love Chitose Hajime's unique, folkish voice. Kataritsugu koto is a typical song from her and not one of her bests. I liked Haru no Katami better from her recent anime releases. Kataritsugu koto doesn't stand out much in the album filled with rock and powerful songs. But, it is a pleasant listen.

3) Season's Call- How can you ever hate anything by Hyde? Truly, I have been a fan of L'arc en ciel ever since I heard their Ray and ark albums. What stands out ost in laruku's songs is easily Hyde's versatile vocals that swoop from frys to falsettos and glide smoothly into passionate screaming with so much emotion and control. Hyde is my favourite j-rock vocalist. Again, Season's call is not the best that I've seen from him but Hyde's voice casts its magic spell on the listener. The falsettos in the chorus are the good part of this song. Overall, an above average rock track.

Nakashima Mika - CRY NO MORE .mp3
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4) Cry no More- Cry no more stands out in the album with its jazzy arrangement and repititive chorus. Mika's voice is smooth and relaxing and pretty controlled on this one. Mika's voice is really suited for jazz. Again, not one of her best tracks but her voice and arrangement do the trick.

5) Colors of the heart- I've never heard Uverworld before this. Colors of the heart was a good rock song though a little 'all over the place'. But it's not a skip track.

6) This Love- Angela Aki's lower notes get a bit repititive after a while but the chorus is powerful and liberating. I like this song the best from Aki. It was one of her biggest hits at that time. This love makes a good ending to the anime with its piano arrangement and Aki's passionate vocals. One of the better endings from this anime.

7) Raion- This is one song I found endlessly annoying in the anime. Jinn seems to be a rock band with a really annoying singer. It becomes catchy after a while but the singer's vocals really grate the brain.

8) Brand New Map- K begins with a powerful ad-lib and transitions into light R&B. If not for the high notes, this song would've collapsed. It is easy listening and very sugary with no 'catchy' factor.

9) Blood+ Grand Theme- This is an instrumental piece that isn't audible till very late in the track. Nice orchestra but it tests one's patience.

10) Diva- Diva is an opera sing supposedly sung by Saya's sister. The song is very distant and bad both by pop and opera standards. It's a bit haunting and creates a nice atmopshere.

Overall, if you saw the anime and liked all the openings and endings, buy this. It is like a Sony j-rock artists collection (but you've missed laruku and southern all stars).

Overall- 3.8/5


No 'skip' tracks


Too few tracks
Two filler tracks (last two)

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