Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Play Ball graphic novel review

I usually don't review graphic novels other than manga, but I am willing to review Play Ball by Oni Press. Its' writers  are DeFilippis and Christina Weir  and Artist is Jackie Lewis It is also black and white, however doesn't really have manga-like illustrations nor is it read from right to left.

Most girls, when they get to a new school, just want to fit in. But Dashiell Brody isn't like most girls. A natural at softball, Dashiell discovers her new school has a championship level baseball team, and Dashiell wants to play ball. One girl's quest to play the national pastime with the boys will turn her family, her school, and her state upside down.

Initially, the story is interesting as Dashiell struggles to get on the team because she is a girl. The character of Dashiell is interesting and well developed. She is very dedicated towards the sport. But I felt that the secondary characters were not very interesting and unnecessary high school romance and politics killed the fun and made it seem like a normal high school story. There wasn't the usual excitement of reading a sports related story.

It is very short and easy to read, though. You won't get bored and stop reading halfway but once you are finished, it doesn't stay on your mind. It is easily forgettable. I feel that if more challenges had been introduced which would improve Dashiell's sporting abilities, it would have been better. She starts out perfect and remains perfect at the game, so readers are unable to see her hard work and progress in baseball. All her problems were related to her being a girl, which got repetitive after a while.

I did not really enjoy the art because characters were not well proportioned. Dashiell's sister's hands were especially funny.


It is short
Interesting main lead

Graphics could have been better.

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