Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Interview with romance author Elizabeth Boyle

Elizabeth Boyle is the NY Times bestselling author of eighteen novels and two novellas. Her favorites moments as an author include winning the Dell Diamond Debut, the Romance Writers of America RITA award and falling over backward into Puget Sound during a photo shoot. Having successfully hunted software pirates for a living, Elizabeth feels equally qualified to delve into the antics of rakes, spies and privateers in her writing life.

Review Carnival is  honored to be interviewing such an amazing writer.

Favorite color- Green
Favorite author/s- Laura Lee Guhrke, Laura Joh Rowland, Julia Quinn, Caroline Linden, Candice Hern . . .

Zodiac sign- Capricorn
A quote that inspires you- Show up.

Favorite book- The Blue Castle by LM Montgomery

Dream holiday destination- Anything with a beach and crystal blue water.


1. Romance is a very popular genre with many different subgenres and types of characters. What kind of characters do you like the most? I love uptight and straitlaced hero that I can send the most dizzy, wild woman to upend his well-ordered life. And at the same time, I love the overly confident and ultra rakish fellow who meets his match in an unlikely heroine--the bluestocking, the widow, the spinster.

2. A place you've always dreamt of writing about in your novels and why - I love my current time period--The Regency, the era of Jane Austen. So I suppose I am living my dream.

3. What do you think makes historical romances different from other types of romance (other than being set in history when things were different)? I think there is always a romanticism about the past, but the Regency has that added cache of being the last era of manners and abandon, before the advent of trains and machinery. There is still a pastoral elegance to the time period that I think readers find as a perfect antidote to modern life.

4. How does it feel to be an internationally known/published author? I don't know--quite honestly. I just write my stories. That they go out into the world and into so many places that I've never heard of--just astounds me. I sit in my quiet office in the Pacific Northwest and spin stories that I hope readers all over will enjoy.

5. Your dream romance novel.... The one that makes a reader laugh out loud and fall in love at the same time.

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