Saturday, May 28, 2011

Book review- Six Frames by Edward De Bono

Six thinking frames (I am going to refer to it as that. It's name is Six Frames:For thinking about information) is a non-fiction, self-help kind of book by Edward De Bono- a very famous writer in his niche. It is something along the lines of Six Thinking Hats (reviewed earlier) and Six Thinking Medals.

Six thinking frames aims to organize thoughts, which admittedly, is a difficult task. Edward urges people in organizations, homes etc. to think of a particular idea or thing in certain ways. What I could gather was, that the writer wants us to see everything in six different ways using the six different frames. They are- Square, Triangle, Circle, Diamond, Heart and Rectangle.

Each frame has certain qualities associated with it, which you must use when you think about something using that frame. The author probably things of frames like thinking caps of different shapes. 'Put on your triangle thinking cap/frame' is what he means.

The book aims to create efficiet thoughts and promote thinking differently among people, which is the major theme in many of his books.

While all the principles were nice, it is very difficult and time consuming to apply them to real life. It is best left as a theory of thinking.


Pros- If used, the thinking frames can really help in thinking well

Cons- The writing style is too boring/dry.

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