Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Manga review- Spicy Pink

Spicy Pink is a josei manga by Wataru Yoshizumi. It is only two volumes long. I finished reading it within two hours.

Spicy Pink tells the story of Sakura, a shoujo mangaka who meets a rude, plastic surgeon in a doctors and mangakas gokon. They start out with an informal relationship that later progresses to liking. But both of them have had past relationships that make their way into their lives again.

The manga was too short to be of any value. This manga has the same problem that persists with other Wataru Yoshizumi's mangas- it's very light and shallow. She could've increased the depth at least for a josei. I have mentioned this many times in her manga reviews- Relationships in her manga are not serious. The same problem persists with this manga. It was tolerable with Ultra Maniac and Mint na Bokura since they focused on sibling relationship and friendship. But Spicy Pink is the story of a twenty six year old and thirty year old who meet in a gokon. There's no scope for a shallow relationship here.

The manga had conflicts but these were not satisfatorily solved. The manga focused more on her friendship and work than romance. All the romantic conclusion is crammed into the last chapter. It was too short to make anything happen. Even in the end, the protagonist remarks she doesn't know how long the relationship will work out but she wants to make the most out of it while it is still going well. This is what I say when I mean problem. The romance is not deep and passionate or fulfilling. Even Sakura's friend who had a worse relationship got married.
While it is true that in reality many romantic relationships end in dating, in mangas, people expect some fantasy. Even if it is josei and supposed to be realistic, she should have at least carried on the romance well while it was lasting. They rarely meet up and most of the time the femlae protagonist is busy in friends and work.

It is okay for a manga you'd finish in one hour and be happy that you've read  manga but there are better one shots and short mangas out there. Skip this one.





Shallow romance
Not a good ending
Too short
Unresolved conflicts
No comedy or seriousness

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